About Us

DELUXE Trade Sp. z o.o., Sp. K. was established as a Distributor of alcohol products from the DELUXE group, including the leading DELUXE ORIGINAL VODKA as well as DELUXE CRYSTAL VODKA, DELUXE ORIGINAL ICE and others.


We operate in the Ultra Premium alcohol class, which is why our clients are the best stores, wholesalers, restaurants, bars, music clubs, as well as special events and higher class wedding houses. Our goal is to popularize Ultra Premium vodkas in Europe, Asia and both Americas.


We have trade in our blood, which is why we create our company with passion and consistency. DELUXE ORIGINAL ICE is a new own product that reaches a huge number of customers through distribution networks and thus causes interest in all DELUXE ORIGINAL products. We invite you to taste our vodkas and also enjoy a pleasant refreshment over DELUXE ORIGINAL ICE cubes.